Referral Process

To access the Atlantic Clinic for Upper Limb Prosthetics, a referral from a doctor is required as well as any pertinent medical records and photos of the affected limb.

Families who are expecting a child with a limb deficiency are also welcome to come to our clinic for consultation before the baby is born. Many people find it helpful to discuss future concerns for their child before the child is born.

Timelines for fitting a prosthesis:

The ideal timeframe for fitting someone with an acquired or traumatic upper limb amputation is between two and four months post-amputation. The process should be started as soon as the limb is free of edema or swelling. The sooner a person is fit with a prosthesis following an amputation, the more likely that person will successfully use a prosthesis in their daily lives. Using a prosthesis not only benefits a person initially in performing two-handed tasks, but it also helps prevent future repetitive strain injuries from over-use of the intact limb.

The ideal timeframe for fitting children who were born with an upper limb deficiency is between four and six months of age, as the child is learning to sit. Those children who integrate wearing a prosthesis into their daily lives at this early age tend to be better able to use a prosthesis as they get older.

Referrals can be sent to the following address:

Atlantic Clinic
for Upper Limb Prosthetics

25 Dineen Drive, PO Box 4400
Fredericton, New Brunswick
Canada E3B 5A3

For questions concerning the referral process, please
contact us.