a helping hand
can make all the

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Sometimes, a helping hand can make all the difference.

The Atlantic Clinic for Upper Limb Prosthetics helps
individuals who need artificial arms, hands and/or fingers,
or other devices, to help with an upper limb deficiency,
or complex upper limb dysfunction.

What We Do

Our clinic specializes in fitting myoelectric prostheses. We also work with other fittings, such as cosmetic restorations, passive prostheses, recreational adaptations, or specially designed custom prosthetic devices. The type of fitting is determined by the desire of the client and family, the client’s lifestyle and vocational interests, as well as funding considerations.
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Who We Help

Upper extremity prostheses and other prosthetic devices are made for people with a variety of limb losses, from a partial hand amputation to complete or multiple limb loss. Prosthetic devices or customized supports are also of benefit to people who have complex upper limb pathologies. Lower extremity prosthetic services are provided to clients who are missing both an upper and a lower limb.
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